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Rotor Blade Trackers - Mosquito Helicopters


The idea is quite simple, a different coloured light is attached to the end of the rotor blade aluminium end cap by a light weight bracket, by a 10/32 aircraft grade AN-3 fastener and the LED light is positioned to the underside of each rotor blade tip so that it is visible to the pilot when the rotor blades are at the designed rotating speed.


When the rotor blades rotate, each light appears as a line due to the persistence of vision, if the rotor tips are all flying at the same height, each light travelling will appear in the same path as the preceding light, the lines should coincide, (line up) if not, you can see which blade is flying high or low and adjustments then can be made as to you experimental helicopters manual.


You can then adjust the tracking of that blade to line up if it’s either

(red, green LED lights lines to coincide).


Each LED coloured light is contained within a lightweight enclosure that is attached to the rotor blade using a 10/32 aircraft grade bolt (AN-3) and a bracket supporting washer.


The LEDs turn on automatically when the rotors speed passes through

approximately 50 to 100 RPM and the battery life varies depending used


And also the colour of the LED but you can expect a battery

to last for between two to three hr’s of operational use.


For detailed product information on the blade trackers, please request by email



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