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Roundhouse Connecting Rod Bearing upgrade $260.00

Roundhouse Billy and Katie

Connecting & Coupling Rod Bearing upgrade.

The connecting and coupling rod assembly for both right & left sides comes as a complete set assembly ready to install into your Billy or Katie roundhouse loco's.

The upgrade are a direct replacement eliminating steam timing issues you get due to the rear crack pin & the hole in the connecting rod been flogged out due to the shaft pin and the hole been in hard contact, even with sufficient oil worn parts will lead to poor performance and running of your steam loco as the timing will be no longer maintained due to worn parts.

The Roundhouse connecting and coupling rod assembly with bearing upgrade eliminates this by installing two roller bearings (per side) onto the crank shaft pin eliminating metal to metal contact with the connecting and coupling rods.


Never use steam oil, steam oil should never even be used the bearings, and only a once in every 10th operation should you use a silicon based penetrant lubrication, using steam oil will lead to the bearing inner and out races been clogged with old oil that has become harden due to heat, leading to bearing failure.


Particular attention should be taken when removing and reinstalling the return crack onto the new rear crank pin shaft.

Take particular note of the location of the return craks eccentric threaded hole to the centre line of the crank shaft pin when the cranks are at the 12 o'clock position, do not redrill the roll pin hole until the timing is perfect. 

This may take some live steam run testing until you have determined that this is correct. 

What's included in the connecting and coupling rod assembly

  1. Two rear cranks (one for each side) with surfaced ground shaft pins installed
  2. 4 deep grooved roller bearings two per side installed onto shaft pins
  3. Two connecting rods laser cut and pre formed from 302 stainless steel 
  4. Two coupling rods laser cut from 302 stainless steel
  5. Two brass rod spacers
  6. Two inner rods spacer washers

All come as a pre assembled part for the Right and left sides of the loco.

This design and any associated parts within are the sole property of the designer at Prop Engineering.   

PayPal is not part of the checkout process, as you will need to email me to check on availability of the product, as they are manufactured to order. Once your order has been manufactured you will be notified by email that your orders are complete.  


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 January, 2019.

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