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7/8th Big John $985.00
DE25T - Big John
The DE25T was our design departments drawing designation number or "Big John", as we  like to gall him, a freelance loco design in 7/8ths scale his indented design was as a small Diesel Electric for use on narrow gage and sort hauling line work hauling wagons and cars and skips could be put to use as a track maintenance cleaning Loco as well, so Big John was designed with two purposes.
Currently this loco is only available as a finished detailed loco, was going to be a kit however to write up the build Manuel would take months, time that I don't have so it will remain as a finished ready to run 7/8ths loco.
So what are the options for this loco, their are currently 2 options, lets start with what's standard on the John.
Big John comes as a weathered old misused look as seen in the photo, (not all weathering looks the same form one loco to the other).
  • Manuel Speed controller
  • On/off switch
  • Forward and reverse
  • working head lamp
Standard Postage
Australia postage about $55 due to size of box packaging and so forth.
Build time 3 weeks from order.
Maybe longer due to other orders that are in front and my normal day job, however you will be kept up to date along the way with the build. 
Optional extras
Sound card (myloco sounds) the card cost $110 this includes the card and speaker and installation and the remote to change the sounds.
This needs to be undertaken during the build as I need to include it in the locos electrical wiring.
Loco shortstaff Driver $65 this includes painting the driver as they come undetailed.
Track cleaning kit, $125 this kit increases the locos standard weight from 25T to 45T with attachments and instructions and a larger battery 800 Ma, the attachments are removable when not in use, and reinstalled when needed.
This needs to be undertaken during the build as I need to include a bigger battery size and install much heavier steel plates to increase his overall weight. 
What you need to buy if you have ordered the loco as a battery powered version
Your own charger, Lipo charger this is all that will be what's needed.
If you need more info email me and I will send you more photo's or
if you need changes made this can be undertaken during the build as well, their will be design costs however. 
This design is constantly been improved on, so at the time of manufacture you will have the latest design, so this means you may see some small cosmetic changes to the photo's seen here, I do keep the photo up to date with the latest modification or changes, however this can be undertaken during your build process to improve or make it better.

PayPal is not part of the checkout process, as you will need to email me to check on availability of the product, as they are manufactured to order. Once your order has been manufactured you will be notified by email that your order is complete.  

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 July, 2019.

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