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Classic Indian Scout Custom Kit
DarkScout Classic Custom Suspension Kit
2014 to 2017 Indian Scout 
Most who own a scout or the scout clone the scout sixty eventually come to realise that the scout suspension is not what you would expect from a modern motorcycle.

The scout front forks have a spring rate that's to soft for 95% of all riders with a rear shock that is to hard for a solo rider who's weight is under 100kg's this puts the bike geometry out making the bike unbalance, leading to head shake coming out of potholes and when cornering due to the bottoming out of the forks, with the rear shocks impacting on the rebound stop throwing you over the handlebars due to the overly hard and incorrect spring shock, and you can't back the pre load nut off enough because you run out of thread on rear suspension for lighter solo riders.

How Polaris Indian allowed this type of suspension setup on the scout and then to make a clone is just mined blowing and then to install the same on the next years 2016 model, just indicates to me that the OEM suspension is only on their, so you can wheel it off the show room floor.
But never the less it's quit common with motorcycle manufactures, so lets fix what Indian could not, and show you how you can get the best from your suspension, this is intended as a guide only.
 Why customize your bike’s handling?
When manufacturers build a bike they have to take into consideration many variables. Variables such as rider weight, rider speed, track speed, terrain, riding style and conditions must all be taken seriously to provide a bike to the public that will be a good balance for everyone.

Spring rates and dampening circuits are somewhat averaged out to suit an average rider on an average track or road. These standard bikes are set up to suit a person that doesn’t really exist (ie: a compromise).
All motorcycles new or old no matter what they are will require some degree of suspension rework.

If you are serious about your riding and or racing, or just making your motorcycle suit you to a tee, you need a bike custom set-up for you to allow you to get the most from your machine.

Customize your bikes suspension is for you the bike will perform and ride a whole lot better and you will enjoy your riding the scout a whole lot better.

Once you install custom suspension and tune your suspension to your riding conditions that best suits you, you will think quit differently about the cost and suspension in general.

Everyone sets money aside for things like saddle bags and handlebars, floorboards, seats, backrests, windows, trinkets for the scout, but when it comes to the very thing that needs money spent on it before anything ells, it’s like, "Hell can pay for that" I've just placed an ordered for stage 1 pipes, man it's looking and sound real good, but the ride is shit, however this will do nothing what so ever to improve the handling performance of your scout.

DarkScout Classic Series Shock
More than 3 Month and 8000K's plus riding over some of Australian bone and spine jarring roads to find the right settings and rear shock setup performance that best works for the 2015 Indian scout, something that Polaris skipped over doing, obtaining feed back on what owners of the scout wanted in the rear shocks like a longer shock and one with more working shock travel, "one of my issues" all at an affordable price.

However with most riders weight starting at 85kg's (170Lb's) and heading North very sharply, I also had to facture in the lighter riders as well, hence the 6 position spring seat adjuster with a rear shock that I can truly say that's designed holy for the Indian scout.

  1. A longer shock that puts the bike into a more balanced line with riders weight
  2. A shock with more working shock absorber travel
  3. All at an affordable price
  4. Progressive rate springs
  5. Rebuildable & revalveable
  6. Adjustable rebound dampening
  7. Matt black finish (New)
  8. 6 position spring seat adjuster (New) also 4 position spring seat adjuster
  9. Lower mounting bush retaining washer (New)

The Prop Engineering shocks or DS signature series shocks by DarkScout come in four (4) versions DS classic (all Black standard custom) DS classic with chrome spring, and DS classic with chrome body, DS classic with full chrome spring and body  
Need a seconed opinion see what scout riders have to say about the DS Classic twin shocks for the Indian Scout.

  • 43mm of working shock travel, over the 34mm standard for all 7610 shocks.
  • 6 or 4 Position pre load adjustment settings over the standard 3 used on the 7610 shocks.
  • Working shock length from eye to eye increased from 290mm to (296mm only installed on the Classic rear shocks by DarkScout)
  • Redesigned compression bump stop rubber
  • Billeted CNC machined spring seat adjuster, (over the cast aluminium adjuster type). Manufactured by
  • Rebuildable & revalveable
  • Progressive rate spring
  • Matt Black body (NEW)
  • 4 Position adjustable rebound dampening

Q. What's in a scout suspension upgrade kit

1 Set of DS Classic Custom Twin Shocks (Finish Black)
1 Set of progressive front fork springs
  • P/n 500-931 or 500-014 (to your riders weight)
  • Pre loader spacers pre cut to your riders weight (will need final riders sag adjustment made)

Having more usable shock travel than the standard OEM shock of 34mm to 43mm will help alleviate the bottoming out for those riders looking for a smoother riding experience, and with greater working shock travel less time hitting the bump stop rubber on sharp edged tar sections and open pot holes giving a smoother over all ride over the standard OEM suspension.

Paypal is not part of the checkout process: you will need to email to check on availability of the product, as they are manufactured as a custom order.

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