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AFD & Z, Y, Axis Heat Sinks $135.00

Aluminium Filament Drive with

Z, Y, Axis Heat Sinks

The filament drive extruder upgrade for the MakerBot Replicator 2 from Prop Engineering will replace the plastic printed type versions and also the original MakerBot 2 Delrin plunger system with an all Aluminium pinch roller type. The filament drive arm and drive arm mounting block parts are CNC Machined from Aircraft grade 2420 Aluminium with the filament drive supplied assembled with no modification to any part of the MakerBot Replicator 2.

The pinch roller provides about 65 to 70N of force on the filament, this will provides enough driving pressure on the filament.

Unlike other printed plastic designs that will eventually distort due to heat and spring pressure been exerted on the bearing arm as well as other plastic parts. The filament drive uses a brass pivot bush for a much improved for low friction surface for the filament drive arm to rotate on, this also will allow the mounting screw to be fully tightened so there is no chance of it working or vibrating loose over sustained use.

The Delrin plunger drive arrangement on the MakerBot Replicator 2 uses a grub screw seated on a rubber O-ring to provide pressure on the plastic disc to keep it in contact with the filament, this plastic disc over a very short time will fail by design, by waring a groove in the disc, with adjustment of the plunger grub screw, this requires the extruder unit to be partially disassembled not at all good design.

The blower fan uses self-tapping screws and removing and inserting those screws into plastic threads will eventually strip the plastic and become useless and no longer work, and then you will need to look for a replacement fan shroud.

The variations in filament diameter can very from 1.5mm,1.7mm to 1.8mm and the original makerbot 2 Delrin drive can not accommodate for this variation in filament size.

The heat sinks are CNC from 6351 grade Aluminium and design to fit the makerBot 2 stepper motor Nema 17, Z,Y, Axis.

When printing long print projects the Z, Axis as well as the Y, Axis motors can get quite hot, to reduce the excessive heat produced by the makerBot 2 Nema 17 stepper motors on the Z,Y, Axis you need to install heat sinks on each Axis motors.

This will disperse the heat generated during print operations, MakerBot 2 operators using a plastic type filament drive would find that the plastic drives would loos there effectiveness due to the heat propagating from the Neme 17 to the plastic parts on long print operations over time.

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 September, 2013.

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