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Model T62T-2A1 Gas Turbine Engine, 1-stage centrifugal compressor annular combustor, 1-stage turbine. Compressor Radial air intake between compressor and reduction gearbox Single-entry impeller mounted back-to-back with turbine wheel on main shaft supported in by ball thrust and roller bearings.

Turbine Radial inflow type. Turbine wheel with integral vanes and exhaust in center. Max exhaust temperature 1,060 F (637C) at 57.000 rpm. Exhaust Fixed area outlet at rear of turbine.

Reconditioned Solar T62-2A1 Gas Turbine, the following has the following parts replaced or have been Re-new Reinstalled.

Reduction Drive Assembly

1. Relief Valve HousingRe-new Reinstall 24. Oil Filler Cap & Dip stick ScreenerRe-new Reinstall
2. Screw New  25. O-ring  Re-new Reinstall
3.Washer New  26. Body  Re-new Reinstall
4. spring Re-new Reinstall 27. O-ring  New
5. Ball  Re-new Reinstall 28. Plug  New
6.Screw New  29. O-ring  New
7. Washer New  30. O-ring  New
8.Carrier HousingRe-new Reinstall 31. Plug  New
9. Retaining Ring Re-new Reinstall 32. O-ring  New
12. Cover Re-new Reinstall 33. Retaining Ring Re-new Reinstall
13. Bolt  New  34. Intermediate Gear Re-new Reinstall
14. Washer New  35. Retaining Ring Re-new Reinstall
15 Bearing NewC3 36 Bearing  Re-new Reinstall
16. Gear Re-new Reinstall 37. Gear Support Shaft Re-new Reinstall
17. Gasket New  38. Screw  New
18. Output Shaft RetainerRe-new Reinstall 39. Nut   New
19. Ring Gear Re-new Reinstall 40. Washer  New
20.Bearing NewC3 Oil Pump Assy Re-new Reinstall
21. Output Shaft Re-new Reinstall Filler Cap Assy Re-new Reinstall
22. Bearing NewC3 55. Filter  New
23. Seal New  71. Reduction Drive HousingRe-new Reinstall
Combustor Assembly        
1. Plug  New  5. O-ring  New
2. Fuel Injectors New  6. Screw  New
Cable Suport Plug   7. Shield  Re-new Reinstall
3. Injector Re-new Reinstall 8. Combuster Liner Re-new Reinstall
4. O-ring New  9. Combustor Housing Re-new Reinstall

Solar T62-2A

The FCU has been fully overhauled and is supplied, instructions on the setup and calibration of the FCU are supplied with the gas turbine, the FUC and the Solar T62-2A1 requires the run in proceeder specified in the solar T62-2A1 overhaul and parts book.

SOLAR T62-2A P/N: 37688-0

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 25 December, 2007.

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